Design. Experience.

Architecture gives shape to our lives, our places of work, our communities. It has the ability to inspire. It speaks the language of emotions. The built environment can both stop us in our tracks and powerfully move us.

As architects, we are problem solvers. We design architectural solutions that are buildable, practical and beautiful. We collaborate with clients, communicate honestly, and prioritize the project at hand. Technical proficiency ensures that designs deliver on project requirements; design expertise means we’ll help realize the highest vision for a project.

Our Purpose

We collaborate with clients to provide dynamic architectural design solutions that are practical, buildable, and beautiful — with decades of unparalleled commitment to client needs.

Sustainability Approach

The architecture profession plays a vital role in mitigating climate change by providing resilient, sustainable and beautiful design solutions.  APMI’s approach to sustainability is guided by our core values, culture and philosophy.  Our sustainability approach is to provide design responses that are socially and environmentally responsible, embrace creativity and diversity while providing designs that are fiscally viable for our clients.  APMI’s commitment to sustainability results in healthy buildings that are equitable and resilient with reduced carbon footprints.

Design. Experience.

In 1984, Tony Siros founded APMI in Phoenix, AZ, developing a reputation for quality and service. Adam Siros joined as a partner in 2008, and Will Reilly joined as a partner in 2013, carrying forward the values of the firm while infusing the practice with energy and modern design perspectives. Today, APMI continues to grow, serving clients across the Southwest, a diverse portfolio that spans industries, project types, and architectural styles. Uniting all of APMI’s work is a level of attention rooted in experience and a commitment to creating beautiful design solutions.

Leadership / Professionals

Adam Siros


Will Reilly


Tony Siros


Daniel Rodriguez


Claudia Palazuelos

Maravi Moore

Krista Moore

Juan Gonzales

Kevin Spencer

Jesus Urena

Alexa Marquez

Ele Paul

Fernando Moreno

Annie Palmer

Evonne Carr